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Current draw – 3A

Quick guide:

The Show LED, is a star cloth that allows us to send animations, such as the clients logo or other animations, to it.

This system does require a fair amount of setting up, this manual will give you a step by step guide to make you that the setup process is a easy as possible.

The above picture is the Show LED rack.

This contains two V boxes (one as backup), a network switcher and three SHOWLED controllers. This picture also shows the way to cable to rack up to ensure that there is communication between all the units using the network switcher.

The V Boxes are the starting point for the image, they will receive the image from the source (laptop) they will process the image and then split the image out to the SHOWLED controllers.

The select button on the V Box is used to select which input you would like to use you can select between CVBS, S-Video or VGA.

Please note, an 800×600 resolution from the source must be used, a higher resolution will not work.

In the above picture you can see the SHOWLED controllers, these receive the image from the V Box they then convert the image into DMX and split it out to the eight DMX outputs. Each unit will only control one section of LED cloth

Please note it is strongly recommended not to change the IP addresses on any of units, the IP addresses have been set and shouldn’t need to be changed.

Setup Process

Step 1:

Hang the star cloth securely, ensuring that the DMX lines are at ground level.

Step 2:

Connect the 5 pin XLR connections from the SHOWLED controllers, and then switch the controllers on. Please note that the manufactures insists that the cloths are not hot pluggable

Step 3:

You will need to configure the SHOWLED controllers. Plug the SHOWLED laptop (Sliver Dell) in to the switcher and connect the SHOWLED controller into the switcher as well. At this point the v box is not required. Open the SHOWLED editor.


(SHOWLED Editor)

The above picture is of the Show LED editor, this it the program that is used to configure the clothes to ensure that the image on clothes is displayed correctly.

Once you open the SHOWLED editor all the clothes that are connected will appear in the top grey box. The clothes themselves will show a test pattern which is half green and half red.

Select a cloth that you want to configure, once selected the cloth itself will still have the test pattern on it but it will now display a blue box around it to show that it’s selected. At this point you may need to rotate the selected cloth by 90 degrees. The test pattern on the actual clothes will not change you will have to make sure the test pattern on the computer looks like the test pattern that is being produced by the star cloths. Once you are happy that the star cloth test pattern matches the test pattern on the show LED editor, click on the “move down” button. This will move the star cloth into he black box at the bottom of the program.

Once all the clothes are configured and moved down, you are then able to set the width of the cloth.

Potential issues and fixes:

A. Half of Cloth in different orientation.
        Re-visit the SHOWLED editor, When moving down the cloth sections ensure that the Cloths are in the same orientation with colours matching.

B. Connected and working when in configuration mode, but cannot see the laptop output image on the cloth.
        Check that the output on the Laptop is 800x600px – The SHOWLED will only accept inputs of this resolution.

C. Connected and working, able to see Laptop Desktop background but cannot see Arkaos content on the cloth.
         Check Arkaos output settings, make sure the right output is selected and Arkaos is outputting the right resolution.

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