Album 'Earth is a Realm' out 28 May

Petar Makar is a Croatian guitarist, bass player and audio engineer from London, UK. He is an accomplished bass player (Bass Master finalist 2010, 2012). After his 2018 EP ‘8051,’ his second release ‘Earth is a Realm’ now features him as a guitarist, exploring and broadening musical boundaries of colour, rhythm and melody.

This collaboration with an established Croatian drummer, Jan Ivelic, is filled with a contrast of progressive riffs and hearty melodies. Petar is offering you an exploration of layered details, sounds and emotions that will emerge with every listening.

Petar is influenced by classic rock guitarists such as Ritchie Blackmoore, Van Halen, Agnus Young. His style is also shaped by modern artists like Guthrie Govan, Plini and John Petrucci as it can easily be heard on ‘Earth is a Realm.’