My name is Petar Makar,



When I started my music journey 15 years I couldn’t imagine where it would take me.  Although I was playing bass and guitar before, my professional career started when I moved to Zagreb and entered Department of Mathematics at Faculty of Sciences. At that time I was playing in multiple bands and started to work as bass educator. To fulfill my needs I started to learn about audio engineering and shortly after, due to amount of  work I was getting as bass player, educator and audio engineer I ended my Mathematical studies. While I was teaching I developed a learning system called “Technical bass approach”. I also attended Classical music school  where I learned to play double bass and gained knowledge on classical music. At that time I decided to combine all my personal creative work under label bassylum.


To broaden my audio engineering knowledge I enrolled to SAE Creative Media Institute which I finished in 2014,  received audio engineering diploma and started to work full time as live audio engineer. When I was given opportunity to work at leading Croatian dubbing studio  I decided to continue my career as studio sound engineer in company where we worked for major local and international clients . Working “normal hours” in the studio gave me opportunity to accept an offer from leading regional rock band called “Wild Strawberries” to work with them as main sound engineer. Through whole time I continued to collaborate with multiple bands as bass player, guitar player, producer, sound engineer and also to work on my music which was often featured in commercials, TV-series, and full length movies.

Please find my CV below: